“To optimize generative AI cybersecurity, business should establish rules and best practices for how to use generative AI technology in a secure manner.” By Shelby Hiter “Generative AI and Cybersecurity”

Leading Risks

  1. Vulnerabilities During and After Model Training
  2. Violation of Personal Data Privacy
  3. Exposure of Intellectual Property
  4. Cybersecurity Jailbreaks and Workarounds

9 Leading AI Cybersecurity Tools

Google Cloud Security AI Workbench

Google Cloud Security AI Workbench is a platform that leverages generative AI models to provide better visibility into the threat landscape and help organizations secure their cloud environments. The platform is powered by Sec-PaLM, a specialized large language model (LLM) fine-tuned for security use cases, and features an extensible plug-in architecture that allows customers and partners to build on top of the platform while helping to keep control and isolation over their data.

Microsoft Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI-powered security analysis tool that enables analysts to respond to threats quickly, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure in minutes. The platform combines OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative AI model with a security-specific model from Microsoft, which is informed by Microsoft’s unique global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals.

CrowdStrike Charlotte AI

CrowdStrike Charlotte AI is a new generative AI security analyst that uses the world’s highest-fidelity security data and is continuously improved by a tight feedback loop with CrowdStrike’s industry-leading threat hunters, managed detection and response operators, and incident response experts 12. The platform democratizes security and helps every user of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform become a power user by providing real-time insight into an organization’s risk profile, including its threat landscape, risk level against critical vulnerabilities, current security posture, compliance requirements, cybersecurity performance metrics and much more.

Cisco Security Cloud

Cisco Security Cloud is an open, integrated security platform that provides comprehensive, AI-driven, cloud-first security for on-premises, multicloud, or hybrid environments. The platform offers generative AI capabilities to optimize the performance and security of every connection, providing end-to-end protection for users and devices across multiple clouds and networks.

Airgap Networks ThreatGPT

Airgap Networks ThreatGPT is an AI/ML model designed to protect enterprises from evolving cyber threats. It is available as part of the Airgap Agentless Microsegmentation solution and the Airgap Zero Trust Firewall. ThreatGPT delivers a new level of insight and productivity for network security teams. It is fully integrated into the Airgap threat intelligence suite and provides AI/ML monitoring, pattern recognition, and alerts for early detection and effective response.


SentinelOne is a cybersecurity company that specializes in endpoint protection. The company’s Singularity platform offers a single pane of glass for an enterprise to detect and respond to security threats attacking its IT infrastructure.

Synthesis Humans

Synthesis Humans is a product that can generate synthetic images of humans. It allows teams to create highly sophisticated human images with over 100,000 unique identifiers and modify dozens of attributes, such as emotion, body types, clothing, and motion.


SecurityScorecard is a cybersecurity company that provides easy-to-understand A-F graded scorecards for improved communication, effective compliance reporting, and more informed decision making. The company’s Singularity platform offers a single pane of glass for an enterprise to detect and respond to security threats attacking its IT infrastructure.


MOSTLY AI is a synthetic data pioneer that generates high-quality synthetic data for companies. The company’s platform allows users to create synthetic data that is more accessible, flexible, and smarter than real data.

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