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  • Proactively protect your organization’s computers from cyber threats with the latest technology, 24/7 managed detection and response, vulnerability scanning, device control and more, enabling you to secure your business data.
  • AI-powered antivirus/malware detection and monitoring

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We Want Your Technology to be Effective and Simple

Information Technology and Cybersecurity should enable your business to do more with limited risk

  • Protecting your customers, employees and businesses

  • Develop a technology strategy, roadmap and plan

  • Develop predictive analytics and support the integration of data to enable actionable insights



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Protect Modules  

AI-Powered Monitoring

Continuously monitor and map each running process for malicious behaviors, detecting many thousands of virus and malware attack variants as well as diagnosing root causes.


24/7 Managed Endpoint Prevention Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Computer protection that combines real-time continuous monitoring, data analytics with rule-based automated response and expert technicians support 24hours/day 7 days/week.


Malware/Virus Response and Remediation

Security Operations Team (SOC), when necessary, can roll back files to previous safe versions by tracking changes in the devices and restoring them to an acceptable risk state.


Advanced Endpoint Protection Controls for Business

Control USB, Bluetooth, firewalls and more for all computers across your business.


Vulnerability Scanning for Business

Vulnerability scanning of applications across devices in your business.


Application Inventory

Meet compliance requirements and gain visibility of all of the applications running across your business.