A major ransomware attack in Dallas resulted in the theft of over 800,000 digital files, wreaking havoc on city services, equipment, and software. As cyber threats continue to intensify, has your organization taken effective measures to safeguard crucial data? Connect with Kizata Consulting for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

10 Vital Security Checks for Your Organization

ALERT RESPONSE: In case of unusual activity such as bulk-data transfer (like in the Dallas attack), can your organization promptly detect and respond to such warnings?

SECURITY MANAGEMENT: In light of alerts notifying 100,000s files being copied, does your business have a robust security protocol to address the situation?

PRIVILEGE ACCESS: Do you leverage IAM tools to provide necessary access to your staff, ensuring minimal privilege required for their job role?

DEVICE RESILIENCE: Does your company have effective measures to sanitize compromised devices, minimizing downtime for your workforce?

COMPLIANCE AWARENESS: Understanding your organization’s data loss reporting obligations is critical. Are you aware of yours?

NETWORK INTEGRITY: Does your organization practice routine checks for unauthorized device connectivity?

DATA RECOVERY: Is your organization equipped with a reliable data backup and retrieval strategy? Is it tested periodically for assurance?

SENSITIVE DATA PROTECTION: Is sensitive data properly classified and received elevated protection? Do you have a clear map of data location and access permissions?

LOG KEEPING: Does your organization maintain vital data about any cybersecurity breach for effective response measures?

INCIDENT HANDLING: Is your organization ready to tackle the technical, PR, and legal challenges in the event of a data loss incident?

Just like all other significant risks, it’s crucial to manage the risk of data loss within your organization. Regular risk assessment, priority establishment, mitigation plan development, and updates are part of this management.

Trust Kizata Consulting for efficient cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization reliably. Safeguard your data and ensure business continuity with us today.

Published On: September 10th, 2023 / Categories: Cybersecurity, Data Loss /

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