Where is generative AI begin used to save time and money today?


Educators in Wisconsin (EducationWeek)

  • Generated templates for writing letters of recommendation for students applying to college (a task some teachers have to do many times a year);
  • Generated interview questions for positions that might not be familiar to the interviewer;
  • Generated PowerPoints with a certain number of slides on a given topic, complete with a joke to keep the audience engaged;
  • Generated a synopsis of a 20-minute YouTube video;
  • Aligned a district writing rubric with the Wisconsin state standards;
  • Developed a school district policy around the use of generative AI in the classroom.


  • AI saves resources by analyzing old land survey maps, drilling permits, historical images, production records, and eyewitness accounts to find well sites.[2].


  • AI-supported screening found one additional case of breast cancer for every 1,000 women screened than did the standard two-radiologist process[1].
  • DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratories used its artificial intelligence and computing resources to model proteins in the coronavirus to help develop the vaccine[2].
  • Dr. Rick Stevens of Argonne National Lab, was recognized for his work using AI to accelerate the discovery of new cancer therapies and treatments that are highly personalized for individual patients[2].
  • Scientists at McMaster and MIT, for example, used AI to identify an antibiotic that fights what the World Health Organization calls one of the world’s most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria for hospital patients[4].
  • The FDA has cleared 523 devices that use AI, and a Google DeepMind model can control plasma in nuclear fusion reactions, bringing us closer to a clean-energy revolution[4].


  • Salesforce surveyed over 1,000 marketers as part of its Generative AI Snapshot Series and found that 51% are currently using generative AI[5].


  • Ukraine has successfully used AI-enabled drone swarms against Russian forces[2].


  • A team of scientists from Ames National Laboratory developed a new machine learning model for discovering critical-element-free permanent magnet materials[3].
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